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Novatron Security Distribution’s acquisition of Grande Security fortifies IFSAS Group’s #1 position in the Greek market.

Athens, March 20 2024:

Novatron Security Distribution SA, a member of IFSAS Group and a leading physical security technology solutions and products group in Greece, has announced the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Grande Security SA.

With over 40 years of presence in the security market, Grande Security is a driving force in the fields of security systems distribution and in Central Monitoring Station (CMS) services, with more than 24,000 wholesale subscribers. Grande Security's turnover in 2023 reached €4.3 million euros.

Established by IFSAS in December 2015, Novatron Security Distribution swiftly emerged as the leader in the security distribution sector, surpassing competitors to claim the top position in the industry. With a turnover surpassing €10.4 million in 2023, Novatron has demonstrated remarkable growth and success since its inception.

IFSAS Group’s consolidated sales in 2023 exceeded €21 million euros, employing over 100 people. Over the last 3 years, IFSAS Group's consolidated sales have increased by 75% and further acceleration of sales growth is expected after the acquisition of Grande Security.

Angelos Gallis, CEO of Novatron Security Distribution commented: “I would like to express my enthusiasm regarding the successful acquisition of Grande Security and extend a warm welcome to Grande's team as they become part of the IFSAS Group family. This acquisition reinforces our presence in security systems distribution, and I anticipate a significant enhancement in our high-quality service provision. Additionally, I want to highlight the added benefit of Grande Security's loyal customer base gaining direct access to a wide array of new services and renowned manufacturers such as Dahua, Ajax, Flir, Wi-Tek, ZKTeco, among others.

Apostolos Kakkos, Founder and Executive Chairman of IFSAS Group mentioned “I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to George Zoumbouloglou, Founder of Grande Security, and his family for their unwavering trust and support throughout the acquisition process. George and his team have done a great job so far as seen from their outstanding track record and I am extremely confident for the future that lies ahead. The acquisition of Grande Security is fully aligned with the IFSAS Group strategy for continuous growth and expansion while committed at all times to delivering excellent customer service through innovative products, solutions, and services”.

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