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Our Values

Our Values

Feel safe

IFSAS values define our culture and shape our corporate behavior on an ongoing basis. These values support the operation of the Company so that we can achieve long-term success.

It is our duty that the Company's values are followed by all who work at IFSAS. Our values are:

Customer Satisfaction


Integrity Sustainability




Employee Engagement



Our future is tied to that of our customers and we can achieve their satisfaction and success by acting as their advocate and supporter.

We are a forward-looking, customer-centric company offering expert knowledge and practical solutions. We maintain a commitment to safety, honesty and integrity in all our dealings.

We are committed to providing our customers with products and services that benefit humanity and the environment. To this end, we regularly undertake projects that promote environmental sustainability. We promote a culture of teamwork, leadership and excellence in everything we do.

We are a diverse team that reflects the whole of the market

We believe that "the enemy of the good is the best". We encourage change by looking for the opportunities it can bring