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Home Security

IFSAS is able to protect you and your loved ones by offering technologically advanced security solutions to protect your home. In addition, to ensure that your home security is uninterrupted and complete, an IFSAS-supported Signal Receiving Center can monitor and respond immediately in the event of an incident on your premises 24 hours a day. Our services include protection against theft, fire, smoke and carbon damage.

Whether you live in an apartment in an apartment building with many roommates or in a more or less isolated villa, the needs of your home are similar: You need to protect it and your loved ones from burglars or criminals who would like to break into it.

We design and install home security systems that are easy to use, with a low annual fee. Our security systems protect your space remotely and continuously, 24 hours a day.

The safety of your home and family is a priority. Our passion and commitment to you and your loved ones is to help you maintain a safe home environment.