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Access Control

Regardless of the type of protected area, one of the basic security rules is to control the flow of people moving within the designated areas. We let the customer decide who can go where and when. These decisions are vital to protecting a building, the people who work in it, as well as the real estate and data on site.

An access control system is a combination of technical solutions that allow authorized persons to move comfortably in certain pre-defined spaces and provide protection in case of unauthorized intrusion into said space. Depending on the needs of each client, this solution can be a simple mechanism to ensure the movement of people in specific areas of protected buildings, or it can be a comprehensive building access management program.

IFSAS offers card access control solutions for access control from a single door to the control of complex building structures. The advantage of IFSAS electronic access control systems is the flexibility of the systems to be expandable and easily modified. Depending on the customer’s needs, this solution can offer the control of the movement of people in an area, the active supervision of the controlled area, the recording of all events in the system and the possibility of remote monitoring by the customers by card readers. In addition, we have the ability to develop existing systems produced by other manufacturers

In addition, integration with security, CCTV, fire safety and fire extinguishing systems is possible. For these systems, it is possible to connect to a cooperating Center for Receiving Signals of high standards and to monitor them 24 hours a day. An annual maintenance contract is available that covers the whole country.